Picture of Easter Rabbit Finger Puppet
rabbit finger puppet 081.JPG
Hello! I am going to show you how to make a cute rabbit finger puppet for easter that you will love. This puppet can be easily customised (e.g it doesn't have to be purple) and making the basket is optional!
Hope you enjoy!
Please comment, follow, favourite-but most of all I hope you have fun making and playing with your own Easter Rabbit Puppet!
Happy Easter!!!
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Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:
For the rabbit:
•Glue (I used this 'tacky' glue but PVA is fine!)
•Googly eyes (any size)
•A Pom pom to match your main felt colour
•Felt in:
  -Purple (or whatever colour you like)
•Sewing equipment: 
 -Thread to match your pom pom and felt colour
 -A pin
 -Needle threader (optional but makes things easier)
 -Scissors that will cut felt.
•A wooden spoon (optional)
•Also a pencil but i forgot that on the picture :)
For the Basket:
•Scraps of felt in bright colours
•A Pencil
•Skin colour, brown, white or any blending in colour

Step 2: #1 Rabbit-make the basic finger puppet!

First take your felt and a pair of scissors. Place your finger on a corner of the felt and wrap it over the top of your finger. You can pin it down if you want. now cut around your finger. Round off the top too so it looks nicer.
Now the sewing. Pin the sides together and either put your finger back in or use a wooden spoon and push the end inside. Thread your needle. Start sewing a simple 'blanket' or 'round and round' stitch until you reach the other end then tie off. See the pics for more info.

Sorry about the slightly blurry pics.
mimi_821 year ago
Nice... well done.
TeganJovanka (author)  mimi_821 year ago
Thank you!
AndyGadget1 year ago
Very cute, and bearing an amazing resemblance to Chris the Rabbit
(who only a very few people will have heard of #;¬)