Introduction: Holepuncher Sparkleball

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Colorful sparkleball perfect for Easter project or spring bacchanal. Also perfect project for kids. You holepunch and drill. They can join cups and add lights.

Step 1: What You Need

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  • 50 soft 9 oz tumbler-style ("solo") cups
  • mini-lights, white or color
  • coated electrical wire or zip-ties
  • hole-puncher
  • clothespins, clamps or paperclips
  • drill with 1/2" bit (or soldering iron or xacto knife)

Step 2: Prep Work

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  • Drill, melt or cut 1/2" holes in cup bottoms. Two lights should fit through snugly.
  • Test lights to make sure they work
  • Punch 4 holes around the top of cups. Each hole should have a hole opposite it. Doesn't need to be exact.
  • If using wire, cut it in pieces 2-4" long. You'll need about 200 pieces.

Step 3: Build the Layers

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  • Thread a piece of wire through two holes to join cups.
  • Join 12 cups in a ring. (If this doesn't make a nice circle, your cups aren't right.)
  • Set aside. Join 9 cups. This ring will be a bit wonky and loose.
  • Set aside. Join 4 cups.

Step 4: Stack Layers and Join

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  • Clip the 9-cup layer on top of the 12-cup layer. Join with wire.
  • Slip the 4-cup layer into the opening at the top. Join it to the 9-cup layer.

Step 5: Add Lights to 1st Side

Picture of Add Lights to 1st Side
  • Start at plug end.
  • Insert two lights (if you're using 100 mini's) in a cup on the outer rim.
  • Add lights, cup by cup, working into center and back out to rim.
  • Finish the 1st side by ending up at cup next to cup you started with.

Step 6: Make 2nd Side and Finish Lights

Picture of Make 2nd Side and Finish Lights
  • Build 2nd side the same way.
  • Start lights from opposite end of the cord, so they meet in the middle.(I used two 50-light strands and plugged them together.)

Step 7: Clip and Join

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  • Clip two sides together.
  • This makes joining them easier.

Step 8: Trim (or Not) and Hang!

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  • Trim your wires. (I like them wild and crazy, so I leave them)
  • Holepunch a hole and insert a hanging wire or ziptie.
  • There you go! An easter eggy, daffodilly, springtime sparkleball that's as pretty unlit as lit.

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tomatoskins (author)2015-02-27

This looks great! I like the addition of the spring like colors on the wires. Great job!

Thanks! Who knew electrical wire could be so pretty.

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