Picture of Easy & Simple Lego Muzzleloader
How To Make Easy & Simple Lego Muzzleloader.
To Make This, It took me 1 hour or maybe 2.

You Will Need:
2 Rubber Bands

I'll Tell You Better At The Next Step

Step 1: Start To Make The Gun

Picture of Start To Make The Gun
Get 2 6x10 flat, 8 2x4, 2 2x3, 2 2x2, 2x8

(sorry about the low quality of the pictures I took them with my phone)
khsora4 years ago
use a camera next time man!
venom15395 years ago
build a gun to go with it. together they would be deadly.
zimmemic256 years ago
what did u use to make the photos? a fingerprint scanner?
i think so maybe his printer
The Jamalam6 years ago
needs better pictures
WAYYYYYYY better pics dude