Picture of Easy throw pillow.
Here is a pillow that is very easy to make and it's cute too!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this pillow you are going to need:
- Parchment paper for your pattern
- Tape measure
- Ruler
- Paper and fabric scissors/ rotary cutter
- Rotary mat
- Iron
- Pins
- Seam ripper
- Wax ( for marking your fabric)
- Thread
- Poly Stuffing
sunshiine2 years ago
Nice tutorial! thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!
musicalsoul (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Aww thanks:) You do the same.
musicalsoul (author) 2 years ago
Thank you both:)
bajablue2 years ago
Truly excellent Instructable!!!
Love it! Good job and good luck in the contest!