This is an under 5 min way to make a small sander for any woodwork project.

Step 1: Materials / Tools

All of the tools can be found around the house!

- small piece of 1/4 inch thick wood (scrap)
- an old skateboard

- saw (any size)
- any kind of strong adhesive/glue (i used a hot glue gun)
 I get the idea, but I don't get why you won't just buy some sandpaper from your local hardware store.
 well that'd be too easy :)
well, it would be more challenging (and slightly boring) to glue the sandpaper you bought onto a piece of scrap wood.<br>Maybe throw in how to make the glue? and a crash course on sanding?
Great for people with not much to work with. Nice!
yea i know thicker wood would have been better but at the moment thats all i had and it works fine
Hot glue isn't the best, and a thicker piece of would would give you a better grip. Still, if it works, it's good. L

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