Introduction: Easy 5-Bandana Blouse - Make It in Under 1 Hour for Less Than $10

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This cool, bright, and breezy blouse is so easy, even beginning sewers will have great results. Comfortable and airy, it looks great with jeans or leggings for a lovely -- and unique -- summer look.

The bandanas can be any colors you choose. One will be the yoke, two will be the sleeves, and two will be the front and back. Then choose your thread, either matching your color scheme or contrasting for a fun touch. I love pink and I love polka-dots, so when I found these, I just had to use them for both the sleeves and the body. In fact, my daughter has asked for a Bandana Blouse made with all pink polka-dot bandanas!

Bandana Blouses bring back pleasant memories. When I was in high school, we had sewing parties where we'd all make Bandana Blouses; the next day, we'd all wear them and have a good laugh. [Ah, the memories of swapping colors and jostling for the sewing machine!] Although the blouses were the same, each Bandana Blouse was different -- a personal reflection of the person who made it. Sometimes we'd add ribbons, lace, buttons or bows for extra fun.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need

What you'll need:
Sewing machine, iron, ruler, marking pen, scissors, pins, 5 bandanas (about 22 inches square), thread.

Yes, there's an extra object in the photo. I ask you to forgive me, as this is my very first Instructable.

Step 2: Making the Yoke: Measure and Draw

Picture of Making the Yoke: Measure and Draw

Place the yoke bandana wrong side up. From each outer edge, measure in 7” and draw a square (this is your folding line). From there, measure in another inch and draw a square (this is your cutting line).

Step 3: Cut...

Picture of Cut...

Cut around the cutting line (inner box) and remove the square.

Step 4: ...and Snip

Picture of ...and Snip

Carefully snip each inner corner just up to the fold line, creating flaps. Be sure not to clip past the line.

Step 5: Flip...

Picture of Flip...

With the wrong side up, flip each flap along the folding line.

Step 6: ...and Press

Picture of ...and Press

If you’re lucky enough to own an ironing board, use that instead of a towel.

Step 7: Sew Around the Square

Picture of Sew Around the Square

Sew around the neckline, about ½-inch in, making nice sharp corners when you turn the fabric.

Step 8: Pin on Sleeves, Front & Back

Picture of Pin on Sleeves, Front & Back

With right sides together, pin the sleeve bandanas at opposite ends of the yoke. On the other two ends, pin the front and back bandanas.

Step 9: Sew on Sleeves, Front & Back

Picture of Sew on Sleeves, Front & Back

Sew each of the four bandanas onto the yoke, about ½-inch from the edges.

Step 10: Fold, Sew Together and Finish!

Picture of Fold, Sew Together and Finish!
Fold over, right sides together, so the edges of the sleeves meet at the wrist. Pin from the wrist to the bottom of the blouse, and sew in one long seam, ½-inch from the edges. Repeat on the other side. Turn right side out and enjoy wearing your new blouse!



20eli (author)2012-11-05

I LOVE ur color choice !!!

Sage Boucher (author)2010-08-13

Wow! Thank you! I'm so grateful for the support I've received, and I'm thrilled to be a finalist -- on my first Instructable yet. I can tell I'll be hanging around here a lot, and doing things I've been putting off for lack of incentive; I've got plenty of it now! Y'all rock.

emceespillee (author)2010-08-10

this rocks! i live near shops with the raddest scarves ever! the possibilities are endless.

I went to a rockin' shop hoping to find skull patterns & such, and was disappointed they were so short on stock. If the polka-dots hadn't been there, I would have had to go somewhere else.

RobbieGeneva (author)2010-08-09

totally awesome! great late 60's 70's feel.

I might reveal my age if I tell you you're right - peasant blouses were all the rage in the early 1970s. Thank you!

PKM (author)Sage Boucher2010-08-13

When I first read this Instructable I actually read

Bandana Blouses bring back pleasant memories
as "bring back peasant memories"- clearly I was thinking about peasant blouses.

I second the request for trousers in this style!

Sage Boucher (author)PKM2010-08-13

Thanks for your comment. But after all, it IS a peasant blouse, so that's pretty funny. (I've never been a peasant myself.) I'm already working on the pants!

Sage Boucher (author)2010-08-13

I've already sketched out pants and a skirt, now it's time to make a pattern for the waistline. I'd never have done this if it weren't for y'all asking, so thanks!

hwall13 (author)2010-08-09

cool!!!Can you make a pair of pants to match?

Sage Boucher (author)hwall132010-08-09

I've knocked around the idea of pants and skirts, now I have the inpiration! Thanks.

hwall13 (author)Sage Boucher2010-08-09

your welcome.

scoochmaroo (author)2010-08-09

Very clever!!!

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