castuckey5 years ago
Good work on that.  Your bike looks like a Honda perhaps?  With the exception of the rear suspension this looks identical to my Honda ATC 185s.  I will be duplicating this very soon.  Thanks!
I don't see any bikes.
ramius6 years ago
I wouldn't put too much weight on this guy. After all your using the axle to pull stuff. Great idea, but I might try hitching this to the frame instead for a little more towing capacity.
luigi29996 years ago
how much weight can this hitch tow?
Jakeg7 years ago
I did this with a half circle shape and my uncle welded it right on! It works great huh? Nice instructable -jakeg
Sweet! Lock-washers on the muffler clamps might give a little more security.
Great idea! +1 rating is all I have to say. ;-)
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Ingenious, great idea. Try soaking that chain in diesel fuel for a day, it will clean it right up. What kind of ATV do y ou have?