Picture of Easy & Adorable Owl Costume
This is a super-fast and cute owl costume that would be good for any aged child, but looks especially charming on a toddler.

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Picture of Gather your materials.
You will need:
A cozy fleece or sweatshirt that you don't mind glueing feathers on!
Coordinating felt pieces
one or two feather dusters (one would be enough feathers, but I wanted two colours)
fabric for owl hat; jersey/t-shirt material fits best, as it has some stretch. I used velvet & was a bit finicky, but I made it work
(*also pictured are some stretchy onion bags that I didn't end up using as well as a sequined purse that ended up being a dismal and disappointing failure, but that led to the felt and that ended up better in the long run! So please disregard those items, lol)

sewing machine (and some basic sewing skills)
hot glue gun
scissors & thread
tape measure and/or your child's head measurements

I spent 69cents each on four colours of felt and the feather dusters were $3.79 each. Everything else was stuff I already had. This is a very inexpensive costume and went together very quickly.
LadyNo2 years ago
I used your tutorial to make my daughter's Halloween costume this year. Thanks for writing such a great set of instructions.
jessandstavro (author)  LadyNo2 years ago
Oh my goodness, how adorable is she!! Nice job, it turned out fantastic! I love the colours.

I am discovering that a new costume each year isn't always needed, lol! This year my five year old is thrilled to recycle the gnome costume (I did a tutorial on that too) that he wore when he was almost three! It's a bit of a squeeze!
Yeah, once you put all that time and energy into a costume you hate to just use it once or twice. I'll be making the next one a bit bigger for more longevity!
ntolbert3 years ago
He is a Boomkin, WOW ftw Good Going Little Man!
Zanaji ntolbert3 years ago
Haha, Owlbear is what I thought of. Same thing visually.
jessandstavro (author)  ntolbert3 years ago
A boomkin! Love it, thanks for posting. lol
princessmom3 years ago
Love this!! I want to make one for my daughter using girly colors!!
bpalumbo3 years ago
Awww! He's so cute is that costume!

Is he your son?
jessandstavro (author)  bpalumbo3 years ago
He sure is! I'm going to be making their costumes until they leave home, lol.
mrskamorri3 years ago
This is fantastic! We're headed to a Harry Potter themed costume party next month and my 4 year-old wants nothing to do with a HP costume. So she's going to be a purple owl, NOT an owl from Harry Potter. Works for all us, especially since I have four other kids to costume and this should take an afternoon naptime to make :) Thanks so much for the great tutorial!
innowen3 years ago
That's a fantastic little costume. Adorab-'ible. ;)
Don't know which is cuter...the kid or the costume!! This is SO cute.
houghchrst3 years ago
That is awesome, so easy looking too.
Great idea!
ltesarowski3 years ago
Great idea and so easy to make! Adorable!!