Step 5: Cut Out Your Felt Feathers.

I used a tear-drop shape and cut out 'feathers' for the shirt. I placed them randomly, but you could do a solid, one colour owl, or stripes or rows if you want it looking a little more orderly. I couldn't decide on helter-skelter or willy nilly, but after thinking about my toddler, felt that willy nilly would be best.
I used your tutorial to make my daughter's Halloween costume this year. Thanks for writing such a great set of instructions.
Oh my goodness, how adorable is she!! Nice job, it turned out fantastic! I love the colours. <br> <br>I am discovering that a new costume each year isn't always needed, lol! This year my five year old is thrilled to recycle the gnome costume (I did a tutorial on that too) that he wore when he was almost three! It's a bit of a squeeze!
Yeah, once you put all that time and energy into a costume you hate to just use it once or twice. I'll be making the next one a bit bigger for more longevity!
He is a Boomkin, WOW ftw Good Going Little Man!
Haha, Owlbear is what I thought of. Same thing visually.
A boomkin! Love it, thanks for posting. lol
Love this!! I want to make one for my daughter using girly colors!!
Awww! He's so cute is that costume! <br> <br>Is he your son?
He sure is! I'm going to be making their costumes until they leave home, lol.
This is fantastic! We're headed to a Harry Potter themed costume party next month and my 4 year-old wants nothing to do with a HP costume. So she's going to be a purple owl, NOT an owl from Harry Potter. Works for all us, especially since I have four other kids to costume and this should take an afternoon naptime to make :) Thanks so much for the great tutorial!
That's a fantastic little costume. Adorab-'ible. ;)
Don't know which is cuter...the kid or the costume!! This is SO cute.
That is awesome, so easy looking too.
Great idea!
Great idea and so easy to make! Adorable!!

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