Introduction: Easy Air Pump Bottle

In this project I’ll show you how to make a easy air pump from a plastic bottle.

Things you'll need:

  • Small plastic bottle
  • Balloon
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Drill

Good Luck!

Step 1: Making the Membrane

Drill a 8 mm hole in the bottle cap. Then you cut a piece out of the balloon and sticking it with three pieces of tape over the hole. On one side of the piece of balloon remains open.

Step 2: Air Input

Easy: drill an 8 millimeter hole in the side of the bottle.

Step 3: Ready!

The air pump is ready! Put a balloon over the cap and squeeze the bottle with your finger on the hole. The piece of balloon on the cap is now acting as a membrane, all air goes into the balloon and can’t get out of it.

Good luck and see you soon! New Pew.


DIY+Hacks+and+How+Tos made it!(author)2016-10-16

Clever idea. Any idea what kind of pressure you were able to get.

NEW+PEW made it!(author)2016-10-27

I didn't measure the pressure.. 1.5 bar ?

chienline made it!(author)2016-10-26

Genius membrane, to avoid the air going back into the bottle :)

NEW+PEW made it!(author)2016-10-27


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