Picture of Easy Airsoft Pellet / BB Catching Target
This is a tutorial on how to make a very simple, quick, and easy-to-make pellet catching target for airsoft guns. You should be able to make it just with items laying around the house. Admittedly, this is a common design and it is not my idea originally but I hope you find this useful nonetheless. I made it primarily for indoor use so I don't get BBs everywhere and potentially damage things. I wouldn't recommend it for outside as as it will not withstand rain (don't leave it out overnight or anything) and wind will knock it over.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Cereal Box, Polystyrene (Foamed) / Newspaper etc, Tape. That's it!

Step 2: Cereal Box

Picture of Cereal Box
Well, chances are you probably have eaten cereal recently, as I like to do these projects from time to time I specifically made sure a box was spared from the recycling as it's the perfect size for a target! Alternatively you could look for a cardboard box of similar dimensions.

Step 3: Filling

Picture of Filling
I was lucky enough that we'd recently bought a new bed and the packaging had a load of polystyrene with it. It is a very good material for these homemade airsoft targets, and the three pieces fit in the box together PERFECTLY :) However, I understand a lot of people won't have just bought a bed...so anything similar like some foam pipe insulation could be cut up or you can stuff it with a lot of old newspaper.

Step 4: Tape the lid

Picture of Tape the lid
Seal the lid with some sticky tape, I used electrical tape, but use whichever. Either way as long as the lid is held down it doesn't matter. I also attached a padded envelope and extra piece of scrap cardboard to the back too, even though the BBs can't penetrate through both thick layers of polystyrene anyway.

Step 5: Pick and print paper targets of your choice!

Picture of Pick and print paper targets of your choice!
Here's two websites I found are great to download targets from, an A4 sheet will fit the cereal box very well. Both have a very nice selection of different ones available. As you can see I used the Osama target on mine. http://bamairsoft.com/targets01.html and http://www.targetz.com/. Hope this helped and if you liked the tutorial leave a comment! Check out our YouTube channels marcusrj18, JAEProductions1 and JaHGamingINC. (Oldest to latest respectively) I try to make a video to accompany each tutorial.
Love the target lol