Easy Airsoft Target With Bullet Catch!





Introduction: Easy Airsoft Target With Bullet Catch!

Are you tired of always losing your precious Airsoft ammunition to shoddy targets? If so then you need this!
It's so easy to make that, apparently, I could do it!

Apologies for poor quality pic-churs...

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You only need seven items for this build, and they are....

One: A cereal box (If you are using a powerful gun you made need something stronger e.g a wooden wine box...

Two: several plates and bowls of different sizes

Three: A big black marker

Four: A scissors

Five: A sheet of A4 (printer size) paper

Six: Sticky tape, duct tape, scotch tape, ANY TAPE!!

Seven: An Airsoft gun

Step 2: Draw a Target!

This step is self explanatory, but for all of you "Silly Billys"...

Take the largest plate and trace it onto the paper using the big black marker,
Then take the medium sized bowl and trace it onto the paper using the big black marker,
Then take the ickle bowl and trace it onto the paper using the big black marker.
Number it or colour it, go wild people!

Step 3: Creating the Bullet Catching Thig-a-mo-bob

Place the target paper up against the box and see where the bull's eye is in relation to the box, then cut out the portion of the box where the target will be...

Step 4: Sticking It All Together!

Use the target paper to cover up the hole on the box, and stick it on using the tape.

Step 5: You Are Now Finished!

Behold you have created a target thingy for catching all you precious BBs.
Shoot it to bits, then when you are done, repeat steps two and four!

Step 6: Lazy?

If you can't be bothered to make a target yourself, get some free targets from these site...




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    nice cheap mp5 na im just kidding but you should get a good one at airsplat.com

    airsplat? they have a bad reputation

    "Are you tired of always losing your precious Airsoft ammunition...?" Umm, NEVER re-use airsoft ammo. Not only can the target distort the BB, but so can the simple processes of firing; e.g. feeding, hitting the hop-up, spinning down the barrel, etc. Re-using misshapen ammo regularly will screw up your gun. At the very least, a repeatedly used BB will eventually crack and explode into fun little pieces of plastic inside of your gun.

    I only re use the ammo for my cannon and pistols. the pistol has a larger than spec barrel, so it wont jam, and the cannon, that wont matter either.

    wow. this will stand NO CHANCE to this target!!! because it is 500fps or so and goes threw the bottom and out the top of an empty coke can!! so for me i have to use like netting, wood, blanket, and a target. :-D. i dont know how many fps your gun is, but all mine easly go threw thick cardbord (well not my pistols).

    dude most people that have airsoft guns have like 200-250 fps on average so i think this would be useful for people who arent very hardcore and who just want an easy simple target

    mine goes 400 fps :-)

    i got a well r7 it was supposed to go 330 fps with .2 gram bbs the box said 290 with .2 and 380 with .12 i tried .12 it went about 30 feet i tested it and it was 126 fps i think airsplat gave me a broken one

    i dont trust airsplat, they have innaccurate fps readings and sell broken guns

    I buy from airsoft megastore, they personally test all their guns and have great customer service. I dont like airsplat either. Besides, airsoft megastore is the guaranteed lowest brand new price.