Picture of Easy And Cheap Airsoft Gun!
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Step 1: Peices

Picture of Peices
You'll need a rubber glove, a water bottle, duct tape, confetti string thing (Optional), and scissors.

Step 2: Cutting The Bottle

Picture of Cutting The Bottle
Cut the bottle in half. Talk the cap and label off of the bottle.

Step 3: Launching System

Picture of Launching System
Cut off a finger of the rubber gun. (Preferably the pinky)

Step 4: Putting On The Launcher

Picture of Putting On The Launcher
Simply put the bottom of the finger tightly around the cap area of the bottle

Step 5: Securing The Launcher

Picture of Securing The Launcher
Now just secure the bottom around the cap by taping it! To decorate mine, I put tape all around it. You can decorate it anyway you want!

Step 6: Loading The Gun

Picture of Loading The Gun
It's super easy to load the gun! Just drop the benefit bullet in, and make sure it goes to the bottom of the finger. You can load it with anything. You should probably stick with airsoft bullets, though...

Step 7: Shooting This Bad Boy!

Picture of Shooting This Bad Boy!
Just pull the tip of the launcher as far as you want, and just let go! DO NOT HOLD THE BULLET IN YOUR FINGERS WHEN LAUNCHING! It won't fire if you do that! THIS IS THE FIRST AND ORIGINAL!!! IF YOU SEE THIS ANYWHERE ELSE, IT IS A COPY
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That's pretty cool