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The "Easy Arduino Car BT Remote" is an Android application. This app help you to build a bluetooth car without Android programming. In this tutorial, I help to build your own Arduino car, and I wrote Arduino code. If you follow the steps, you will have a car like in the video.

What you need to build this car?

  1. Arduino (Arduino Nano in the video)
  2. Bluetooth modul (HC-06 or HC-05)
  3. Motor H-Bridge (L298)
  4. 2x 5V Motor
  5. 2x 9V Battery
  6. Wires

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Step 1: Bluetooth

Picture of Bluetooth

Connect the Bluetooth to your Arduino board!

Bluetooth -> Arduino board

RXD -> D10
TXD -> D11

When you finished, you can try to connect with the Android application.

Download My Android app here (

  1. Go to Joystick
  2. Bluetooth settings
  3. Bluetooth ON
  4. Bluetooth settings
  5. Pair device: Default HC-06 Password: 1234 or 0000
  6. Back button, Refresh list
  7. Select Bluetooth
  8. Connect

If led flashes than you are not connected yet.

Did you connect? GO next Step!

Step 2: Motor H-Bridge

Picture of Motor H-Bridge

Motor H-Brigde -> Arduino

  1. ENA (Only this one port, behind pin FREE!) -> D4
  2. IN1 -> D5
  3. IN2 -> D6
  4. IN3 -> D7
  5. IN4-> D8
  6. ENB (Only this one port, behind pin FREE!) -> D9
  7. GND -> GND

Motor H-Brigde -> Battery

  1. VCC->VCC
  2. GND->GND

Connect motors to H-Bridge

9V to Arduino
Negative (-) -> GND
Positive (+) -> VIN (next to GND)

Done? GO next Step

Step 3: The Code :)

Picture of The Code :)

First time Download and Unzip the

Copy the Folder to next place: (For windows users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Motor\)

Did you copy? If your Arduino IDE already run, please restart it.

OK, Now Download the Example.ino

Open it, and upload to the arduino device.

FINALLY!!! Time to play!

Connect to your arduino and drive it !


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