Easy Artistic Dye Technique using Microwave Oven

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Fast,  fun, beautiful, creative, easy, easy, easy dye project to use on any type of silk. Use your microwave and in a matter of minutes have artistic looking, homemade, ready to wear clothes or accessories!

Dye silk clothing, scarves, handkerchiefs, skein silk, yardage, silk socks or undergarments, all, this fast, easy way. It turns out beautiful every time!
All you need is simple equipment you probably already have in your kitchen and some silk.

Here I've used  the powdered drink mix as dyes. They work well. Have strong, vibrant colors. Are inexpensive to use. Are readily available. Safe to use in your own kitchen cookware. Require no special additions or equipment. Easter egg dyes or liquid food coloring can also be used.
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Step 1: Keep It Simple

Picture of Keep It Simple
Gather the supplies
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Colander or strainer
  • Wooden skewer
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Dye-unsweetened powdered drink mix or Easter egg dye or food coloring
  • Microwave
  • Drying rack
  • Silk
Wet the silk
Choose which dye technique
If using tie-dye, wet silk, fold & tie as desired.
Stage the colors you want to use
Bowl of hot water to microwave

Step 2: The Dye Techniques

Picture of The Dye Techniques
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There's more than one way to do this! Pick which one suits what you want make and go for it!

1. Lay out your soaking wet silk on enough clear plastic wrap to roll it all the way up in. Sprinkle powdered drink mix on silk. The wet fabric causes the color to spread and give neat color saturation variations. Use more than one color. Roll silk in plastic wrap making a sausage, loosely twisting the ends. Place into a large microwave safe bowl.

2. Or place wet silk directly in water that the drink mix has been dissolved in, tied, or not, as you desire, in effect.

Fill the bowl with enough hot dye water to cover silk. Use a skewer to submerge. Top with microwave safe saucer to hold fiber in dye bath, if need be.

samalert1 year ago
When i looked at your ible it reminded me of Indian age-old traditional "Bandhani tie-dye method"

myrrhmaid (author)  samalert1 year ago
OOH! I really want to try that technique. It's so detailed and exquisite! Thanks for the inspiration!