Introduction: Easy Authentic Hummos

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I love hummos, and I learned from Lebanese friends how easy it is to make from scratch! Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients & Supplies

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You will need a blender, garbanzo beans (fresh cooked or canned), tahini (sesame seed paste, look in ethnic foods aisle), garlic, and lemon juice (optional).

Step 2: Add It All to Blender

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It keeps better if you don't add the lemon juice when you blend. Of you are going to save it, only add garbanzo, tahini, & salt to blender. When you go to serve it, add in crushed/mashed garlic, lemon juice, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Step 3: Serve As a Dip or Spread

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If you are going to eat it all now, blend it all together, but traditionally you drizzle the EEVO and sprinkle with paprika or cinnamon when you serve it. Enjoy with veggies, pita, or corn tortilla chips (in a pinch).


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