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Why waste time spoon feeding your baby when you can just squirt it in her mouth.  If you can operate a caulk gun then you can operate this baby feeder. No more dealing with wild flailing arms, and crying.

Empty water bottle: I used smart water bottle with flip top cap. It has a bigger hole to allow faster refueling.
Ratcheting caulk gun.
Dremel tool and hammer to modify caulk gun.
Empty container of Apple sauce.
Remember when using power tools and regular tools be sure to read the manual and understand how to use them correctly and safely.
Step 1:
Cut the end off the bottle.
Trim apple sauce container to fit in the rear.  I just had to remove the little lip where the foil label goes. Scissors are best tool for this.
Step 2: Modify the caulk gun to accept the larger bottle.  I had to widen the opening using the dremel tool and a hammer.
Step 3: Insert bottle into caulk gun, insert apple sauce container in back.  Secure end with hair tie.
Step 4: Fill bottle with food. I just stuck a banana in it.
Step 5: Squirt into hungry mouth.

Possible issues:
Choking/Aspiration.  This device has the potential to deliver large amounts of uncontrolled food at once.  Do not use this in the manner that is consistent with its labeling.
Solid food will not flow through the bottle without being in a liquid state.  But you already knew, Chindogu.


AJMansfield (author)2014-04-08

I have in the past considered the possibility of packaging peanut butter (or other condiments) in caulk tubes...

Thats how Taco bell packages their Sour cream for the serving line.

caitlinsdad (author)2012-07-15

C'mon, if you can't squeeze solid food through the nozzle, you ain't trying hard enough. Ever try to pop out that hardened plug of caulk out the end of the tube? Wrap the cylinder first in duct tape so it doesn't 'splode on you.

jessyratfink (author)2012-07-15

Hahahaha oh noooooo. It even looks dangerous. :P

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