Step 6: Threading the para cord rope

Picture of Threading the para cord rope
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This is a crucial step and not easy to explain so I took a lot of photos.  I ended up using about 4 yards of rope to string up the arm.  I found that if you tie down one side with the peg that helps in threading this baby up.  I first threaded the rope through the two drilled holes and then alternated front and back until I ran out of rope. 

fly2sky4 years ago
Love this project! Can't wait to get started. Just a few questions:

- So you pass the paracord only once through the throwing arm and then just alternate between the two sides correct?
-There should be 2 dowels and you ended up using twice as much paracord to up the power (8 yards)?
- Once you crank it up the pegs snug up and hold themselves flush against the wood?

Thank you in advance, appologize to all for my ignorance in catapult matters. My daughter is going to love it.
bgepp1 (author)  fly2sky4 years ago
Actually I only used 6 ft of paracord. I originally said 8 yards but that was incorrect (not sure where that came from - sometimes I go too fast and mess things up). This part is kinda hard to explain so it's really a bit of trial and error. You have the right idea - you'll know you're doing it right when the arm starts to rise and rest up against the blocker. As you crank the pegs they will stay flush against the wood. The tension is very strong so you don't have to worry about that.

Look at my last step on this project. I highly recommend getting some type of elastic to add power to the throwing arm. I hope this helps.
fly2sky bgepp14 years ago
Thanks so much! Will add the surgical tubing and reply with results when completed.