Step 2: Insert Bacon!!!

You will want to point the light assembly down in the fron in order to prevent the grease from running everywhere while cooking.

Do not leave this unattended as the bacon will cook crispy in less than 5 minutes...

Position the bacon on the furthest most part of the reflector from the light. Snap the reflector in place in front of the lamp and turn the lamp on.

After a couple of minutes you will see smoke, hear sizzling and smell the glorious smell of bacon cooking. After 4 minutes you will have bacon cooked to perfection, crispy and ready to enjoy...
Nice :D. It took me a few moments to understand the easy-bake and easy-bacon connection. Just a heads up, when you describe the that the protective glass will shatter you say "is" instead of "if." It's just a minute detail; obviously doesn't take anything away.

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