Baked Alaska is a clever combination of 3 basic desserts: cake, ice cream, and meringue. And you don't have to churn your own ice cream or bake your own cake to enjoy it. It's great for impressing friends at birthday parties, easy to make, and even quite a bit of fun.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

 The ingredients are quite simple:
- A cake
- A tub of ice cream
- A recipe of meringue (basically just egg whites)

Try to find a cake that is roughly the same shape as your ice cream. Usually the supermarkets do a nice 8"x8" sponge, but I found this round one on special and thought I'd give it a go. Trimming is allowed, just so long as the ice cream fits entirely on the cake.
The ice cream can be anything you want, I suggest a chocolate based ice cream your first time, it's easier to distinguish from the egg whites when you're frosting it. 
The meringue is pretty striaghtforward, I actually use my mother in law's famous pavlova recipe, it works a treat. Use about 5-6 eggs depending on their size if you're going with a 2L ice cream. I also find that organic eggs make the easiest meringue.
A big +1 for using powertools in the kitchen :)
 That looks awesome! I love the 'Gone Fishing' flavor, although it's a shame that Tip Top are making their tubs smaller and keeping the same price :(
Not to mention you get to take a blow torch to a cake :D.<br />

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