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One of my favorite holiday or special occasion appetizers is baked bried. It is warm, gooey and delicious and makes the whole house smell good. This recipe is easy and people will marvel over your cooking skill, funny if you read on..... The only down side of this recipe is it's not quite healthy, but it's definitely not an everyday treat.

Step 1: Prepare

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Gather the ingredients and tools you need to prepare baked bried. You will need:

- Two packages crescent roll dough (I used Pillsbury's light version)
- One wedge of brie cheese (cold), sliced into 1 inch thick pieces
- Two handfuls of dried cranberries (I used plain Craisins)
- Non stick cooking spray or butter, depending on dough instructions
- Cookie sheet
- Roller
- Light flour for dusting the dough when you roll it out
- Two eggs beaten (for coating)
etw4 years ago
Great recipe. I am actually surprised people discuss 'not eating the rind' as a european it never even crossed my mind not to eat it.
Brie makers put a lot of effort in making the rind. Without it the cheese is just a blob of greese.
Actually, look at brie as 2 layers of mold with greese in between ;-)
A great cheese!!!
lemonie8 years ago
(since most comments so far mention rind) It is edible, but somewhat firmer & more bitter than the rest of the cheese. French people put a lot of effore into coving brie with mould: eat it & enjoy it! L
generally i think people believe the rind is inedible, and i never used to eat it until a few years ago. now i love it, it adds fantastic texture. mouth-watering dish as always, trsinger! :)
dizzydave8 years ago
it's really good if you add apricot preserves to the filling...
trsinger (author) 8 years ago
You can eat the rind. As a child I hated the rind but when you bake it, everything melts and you generally cannot detect rind at all.
zer0vector8 years ago
This is a question about brie in general. Are you supposed to eat the rind? I see that you left it on. I never know what to do.
Supposedly yes. I keep hearing "it's where all the flavor is", but I'm too much of a wuss to try it. heh