Introduction: Easy Ball Jar Makeover/ Simple Coin Bank

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Don't use a Keurig cup to hold your leftover change. Just recycle a Ball jar and an old container lid instead!

Step 1: Materials

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- Ball jar and lid
- Old plastic container lid. Should be somewhat solid- I'm using a lid for a crumbly blue cheese container. Looks like I already did step 2. A perfect segue to the next step...

- Exacto-knife or craft knife. DISCLAIMER: BLADES ARE EXTREMELY SHARP, AND CAN CUT YOU EASILY. If you're over 18, you probably don't need this warning, but more often than not we cut ourselves even being very careful. Kids? Get an adult when using this tool.
- Sharpie marker and/or pen

Step 2:

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Trace around the Ball jar lid on your container lid. Then cut out the circle.

Step 3:

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Want to make a jar, and not a bank? Skip this step.

Draw where you'd like your coin slot to be- using a Sharpie helps to plan out the exact size and thickness, that you can cut around. Then cut it out, cleaning up any jagged edges.

Step 4:

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Test fit to see if your new lid fits. If an edge is sticking out, it won't lie flat.

Step 5:

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Done! A quick project this afternoon. Much better than a Keurig cup! Let me know what you think of this project!


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