Easy Bamboo(chopsticks) Place Setting





Introduction: Easy Bamboo(chopsticks) Place Setting

Usually these are made from real bamboo branches/stalks but I thought, why not use chopsticks? Originally, I wanted to use disposible ones that you can just steal from restaurants, but I suppose I'm a little adverse to stealing? I just don't go to those restaurants very often. I was going to use the plastic wrapping on those to weave them together but I just decided on real chopsticks. You can by these things at ikea and a lot of places, they use these kinda things to roll sushi also.

~30 Chopsticks*/sticks/straws/branches/pencils

Cost: Low: Free if you're family is asian, or if having 30 sets of chopsticks lying around is your kind of thing
High: $1.5-$5

Time: Low: 10-15 minutes
High: 25 minutes

Go to your local asian store or Chinatown, shouldn't be too expensive. Mine cost me a less than dollar fifty(9rmb). But I'm living in China now, so pretty its cheap. 10 sets of chopsticks for 3rmb.

Step 1: Line 'em Up

The chopsticks I used have a pointy ends and square tops so I went every other so it wouldn't end up like a fan.

Step 2: String 'em

I doubled my embrodery thread for strength and of course, style. Make sure the string is extra long, you don't want to end up weaving through all of the chopsticks only to realize the string is too short. The longer, the better. It'll be easier to tie the knots.

It'll look kinda something like this....

Step 3: Tighten and Knot

Make sure you tighten both sides, else chopsticks may fall out. Knot. Yes, thats my toes in picture 7. I'm half ape. I'm sure thats what girls say anyway. Or gorilla, not exactly sure. Knot at least three times. I knotted once, cut the leftovers, rubbed the knot to test its strength and it came undone........I had to re-weave it with another string.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I'm sure I should have used floss or some kinda string that is coated. Like nylon or something like that so that when you wash it, it doesn't fall apart or get muck caked on. But, its not my concern. I plan to gift it, not use it myself. :P

My ex-girlfriend pinned this kinda thing on the wall and would wedge two corners of pictures on it. Works good as a wall decoration/picture frame, but I would suggest using real bamboo stalks as its lighter.



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I've tried doing this Snake Lashing on small bamboo canes for a garden screen, it's not as easy as it looks! but then, never tried it sticks this small, so it might be a lot easier. I'm going to find out, anyway!

Cool! I want to try this.

Nice! I was thinking of buying a bamboo parquet for wall accent/decoration, but now i think i'm gonna try make this one instead, a long one and hang it on my wall. Yeah! Thanks a lot :D

Looks like a very nice sushi roller.

i use a large leaf( im filipino)

I'm guessing you use your hands too eh? I just had some filipino food last night, I think it was beef and potatos, i may have filipina in a few days :P

ya it a Filipino traditional way to eat

Sweet. Dunno what I would need this for but good to know.

Place settings! It makes the table look nicer. And then you only have to wipe the settings instead of the whole table.