Easy Banana Pancakes

Picture of Easy Banana Pancakes

We have all suffered those moments of shame and heartbreak, when we realize that the perfect bunch of beautiful, organic bananas that we bought just last week has slipped beyond our reach into the realm of brown-speckled sadness. We then console ourselves with the idea of baking banana bread when they're just a little riper, which we forget to do, and we are eventually forced to consign the blackened bunch of fruit to the compost heap, telling ourselves that we will use the resulting soil to grow wonderful produce next summer (which we may also forget to do).

Well, my friend, those days of suffering are over! These banana pancakes can be made quickly using just about any level of ripeness of banana (excepting all green and all brown). They also freeze (and microwave-thaw) better than any other recipe I've seen, so your dreams of homemade pancakes on days when you only have five minutes to make an easy breakfast have just come true. They make a pretty easy dessert, too.

If you hadn't already guessed, this pancake recipe is a favorite at my house. We like it so much that I've created a spreadsheet so that it's easy to double the recipe (or to multiply the recipe by an irrational number, for that matter). You can download the spreadsheet in the next step. Read on to to find out how to make these fantastic pancakes, where the recipe is from, and maybe a secret or two about it!

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fred36557 months ago
Thanks, I plan on using this recipe in the near future! I would like to add that soy milk doesn't burn easily like real milk does. Also, thanks for your patience with the US system. I honestly don't have any interest in the metric system because I find it easier to picture teaspoons, cups, etc :D
LynxSys (author)  fred36557 months ago

That's an excellent point about soy milk. When it comes to measurement, as much as I think the metric system is more logical (and prevents me from making mistakes like mixing up tablespoons and teaspoons), I grew up using the U.S. system, and so I have a hard time visualizing anything else too.

sandystarr287 months ago
why the vinegar? I don't see what it adds to the pancakes. and personally I would add four times more cinnamon (one teaspoon), and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg. but still wondering about the vinegar...
LynxSys (author)  sandystarr287 months ago

Primarily, the vinegar functions as a leavening agent when combined with the baking soda. It may also interact with proteins (like those in soy milk) to prevent baked goods from becoming tough. If you're concerned about the taste of the vinegar, most of the acetic acid will be neutralized by reacting with the baking soda, so I wouldn't worry about it.

About the cinnamon: you really can't pick the taste out in this recipe. These are definitely banana pancakes and not banana cinnamon pancakes. I don't see any reason that you couldn't add more cinnamon if you wanted it to be a more prominent taste, though. If you do make any changes to the recipe, definitely come back to the comments section and let everyone know how it turns out!

MicioGatta7 months ago

Aw! These are quoted in "Star Trek: Voyager", B'Elanna loves them. I should try them, one day or another!