Easy Battery Holder

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This is an idea I came up with while I was making my previous Instructable. As I mentioned in there, my first version of the project did not work out very well at all, partially because I didn't have a proper battery holder. This simple, effortless idea would have helped me a lot. 
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Step 3: Test

Picture of Test
Once everything is connected, test it out. Connect some crocodile clips and a lightbulb or a simple circuit or a motor to it. If it doesn't work, your foil might not be conductive (there might be a insulating layer over it, which you could easily sand off), or your connections are somehow wrong. Or maybe it's the battery.

And that's pretty much all there is to it. This concept can be applied to almost any type of battery, as long as you keep the packaging. I didn't have any other battery packages, so I couldn't make any more battery holders, but I'll make more and upload more photos as soon as I get the chance.

Please comment for any suggestions/improvements/questions, andIf you'd like a Pro Membership, post photos of your adaptions and uses of the battery holder below.
cvaishampayan6 months ago
Thank you very much. I was stuck on a project due to no cell holder for 2 years.
sjroth (author)  cvaishampayan6 months ago
Glad I could help.
Iqbal Samin7 months ago
Thanks,for this instructables.
DrRhodes1 year ago
Nice upcycle! Cheers!
JesusGeek1 year ago
You can make a hot glue mold cast instead.
JesusGeek1 year ago
Get a bundle of 10 here at for cheap!!!
pmai821 year ago
just what I needed. thanx
Does anyone know where i can get alligator clips for free?
sjroth (author)  Dsanders20141 year ago
Not free, but you can get them on eBay for $2.47  -
swaaag1 year ago
Good one
WPee1 year ago
Great idea... easy to through together ASAP.
This idea could be adapted to just about any of the battery blister packs.

The multi battery packs could easily be set up for different voltage steps (1 1/2 & 3 & 6 volts) using small pieces of double-sided foam mounting tape.

It might (almost) become a permanent battery holder. Again good job!
sjroth (author)  WPee1 year ago
Thanks WPee, I like that idea of the double-sided mounting tape. That would probably give it the necessary flexibility so batteries will not fall out. I agree about making the holder permanent. For batteries that wont be replaced too often, that should work well. You could also put screws through the sides of the blister to fasten it to a surface.
Ismegordo1 year ago
Very creative, simple yet Brilliant in design.
Yes I would have to agree with some of the other comments I could see it as a permanent holder for certain applications.
And thinking of times that I hadn't done a project because I didn't have a "proper" battery holder this would of solved a lot of the issues and what's even better is it comes with the battery.
Well Done love to see the upgrade ideas when you do them
Dr.Bill1 year ago
I left the plastic blister on the cardboard and just slit the back to make ah door that I can tape shut. This idea works really good on multi-battery pack giving higher voltages AND the batteries can be wired series/parallel for higher amps.

This idea is a definate 'Spark'. Kudos.
sjroth (author)  Dr.Bill1 year ago
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Great idea with the "door". Unfortunately I came up with this idea after I removed the plastic cover, so I couldn't really be very creative with it anymore.
Dr.Bill sjroth1 year ago
Yeah you can...
Tape some more card board on to it.
You could really get crazy with it.
They could be like Modular Battery Packs.
Do I see an Update coming?
sjroth (author)  Dr.Bill1 year ago
I'm hoping to get an AA six-pack in a few day, so you'll probably get an update.
Dr.Bill sjroth1 year ago
Try for 2 four packs then you can have 2 six Volt sources to combine for 12V or higher current. I re-charge mine off a DC to DC converter set to 12V @ 2A.
Works good too.
The converter works off my solar system direct.
This project very great. I can try this.
Sassah1221 year ago
This is such a good idea. I will definately use this.
Ringer16331 year ago
this is a great idea! Thanks.
Pfarmkid1 year ago
Definitely gonna use this!!!
Genius! Definitely going to be using this in the future.

1tri2god1 year ago
great job! Definitely going to use this for proof of concept ideas!!!!
That is excellent. I love it when garbage has a purpose.

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