Easy Bead and Hemp Bracelet





Introduction: Easy Bead and Hemp Bracelet

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Here is a quick hemp bracelet you can make for you or as a gift. It requires minimum supplies and is quite easy to do!

Step 1: Materials

2 different sizes assorted beads with big holes to pass the hemp through


hemp / jute rope

Gather your supplies. I have used 2 colored beads. You can of course use as many as you like.

Step 2: Making a Hook

First. let's make our locking system. Make a loop with your pliers.

Curve the wire around a pencil.

Hold at the end of the curve with pliers and twist wire to make another loop.

Cut off excess wire.

Step 3: Let's Bead It!

Now to make the bracelet. Take 3 strands of hemp about 4 times longer than the length round your wrist.

Pass all 3 strands through the large bead.

Center the bead and tie a knot.

Now pass 2 small beads and 1 large bead through the strands. If you'd like, you can pass 2 strands through the large bead.

Tie a knot gathering all the strands, trapping the 3 beads inside.

Repeat this process until you get the length you require.

When you come to the end, do not knot yet.

Pass all the strands through the open loop of the hook and close tight.

Now tie a tight knot.

Cut off excess hemp rope. Glue the end to make it more secure and to prevent it unraveling.

Step 4: Lock It in Place

To lock, simply hook around the bead on the other end and tighten. There you have a simple, quick bracelet!



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    Beautiful piece of work. - love that you made the hooks yourself.

    I love this. This is something I would actually wear.

    1 reply

    Thsnk you! I was wondering why no one seem to like it :-)