I always wanted to make bead jewelry, but it took quite a few years to learn some of the easy jewelry secrets.  A few years ago I met one lady who made bracelets for high end department stores.  She used chucky glass beads and stretch string.  The secret was using the thickest stretch string possible (1mm is the best) and sealing the knot so that it would not untie.  Since then I have made lots of this type of bracelet.  Today I bought a new outfit and it is purple, so I decided to make a purple bracelet to go with it, and this is how I did it.

Step 1:

+/- 23 glass beads (these are the center beads)
+/- 46 small glass beads (these are the side beads)
0.7 mm stretch beading string (found in most craft stores, +/- $2.50 a spool)
Super glue (or artificial nail glue, $1.00)
I made it! had fun. Used a different size middle bead. Came out very nice! awsome instructions!
<p>Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.</p>
Excellent instructions, thanks!
I think I might make one! Or two.. Or four...
Very pretty! Love the purple with clear beads look :)

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