Step 3: Dump and Heat

FInally, I just dumped in the canned beans (which I did rinse first - it's a personal choice for you), added some bouillon-seasoned water to cover the beans (about 2 cups), and scrounged up some leftover fresh herbs.

Cover and saute on LOW heat until your soup reaches the consistency you like.  I prefer a stew that borders on a bowl of mushy beans :D

Salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy with some hearty bread for a great dinner on a cold night!
I'm such a lazy cook and this is such an easy recipe, I LOVE IT! This is a perfect &quot;guys&quot; recipe. Plus it's so basic you have a ton of room to experiment with other flavors and really make it your own. <br><br>Thanks<br><br> Mike
Ok, now I'm hungry. I wonder if I'd wake the rest of the house &quot;puttering &quot; around in the kitchen? ( It's 2 am.lol)
mmmmm........ 2 of my favorites, beacon and onions! :)
It's a known fact that bacon makes everything better....looks yummy!

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