This is an easy bedside caddy you can make with two place mats. Everyone has a few things that they need near their bedside, you can make this one in less than 30 minutes.

  • Keeps things organized

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need:
  • Two placemats of the same width (I used two identical placemats
  • Pins for keeping the fabric in place
  • Sewing machine or you can hand sew
  • A tape measure or ruler
<p>Cool! I'm going to make something similar with a few smaller pockets from a handkerchief for little things (like earplugs).</p>
<p>RealNataliaT, I am glad you liked the Instructable. Post a pic when you do yours.</p>
Thank you so much for your great idea. I needed a caddy for four remotes and this was perfect. I don't like to sew so I safety pinned the project all around and for remotes, it works just fine. Thank you again.
I'm glad the 'ible was useful and that you hacked it to create a caddy that worked for you!
love the ideas. will make it one day.. hihihi.. thanks for sharing.. keep it up.. ;)
Glad you liked the project.
Thanks for the great idea! I will be making two of these one for each side but the only thing I'm going to add is a piece of velcro (the hard part not the soft) to the part that gets tucked under the mattress so it will grab hold and not slide around.
Cnash962 velcro is a great idea. Please post if you make one. I would like to see it.
Love your choice in placemats! These are perfect! Great and easy to follow 'ible! Thanks for sharing!<br>
Thanks for checking out my 'ible. Glad you like my choice in placemats and post a picture of your bedside caddy if you make one.
Thanks for all the nice comments! Let me know if you make one, would love to see it!<br><br>@Snickerdoodles I bought my placemats on sale too and it is a very inexpensive solution to bedside clutter.
Wow. I love you. They sell placemats at the dollar store so this is a super cheap solution. Thanks!
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I love this idea, I like to keep a lot of things on hand near the bed.
I've been meaning to make something like this for years! Placemats are a great idea.
Neat idea, sure beats the small pile of stuff I have hiding under my bed!
Very cute and very handy!

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