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Introduction: Easy Bike Trailer Hitch

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Don't feel like messing with air hose couplings to make your next trailer hitch? Want to allow anyone to take your trailer with out special hitches or hardware? Then this trailer hitch is for you!

This is another installment of the No-Weld Bike Trailer project!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following for this project:

Your bike trailer end pipe
Piece of hose or rubber
a bolt or similar object with a nut (I used the quick release from a seat post.)

Step 2: Drill Holes

You want to drill holes through the trailer pipe and the rubber hose so you can run a bolt through both. This should be easy!

Step 3: Thread Bolt

Next thread the bolt through to make a small loop. This loop will go around your seatpost making



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    Nice idea, but what happens when you brake, the trailer bangs the bicycle?

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    Simlar topic: what would happen when you are going down a steep hill and need to stop at the bottom?

    put one of those rubber things you put on a chair leg

    you know it will =] but I guess just doing this thing a little smaller will make more stable. Plus, put some hose at the tip of the end pipe and... you're done, no more bumping (did I wrote bumping right?). From autor, nice 'ible, clean and simple. xD

    How much can it hold?

    Genius. I cut a longer piece of hose and double wrapped the seat post to prevent the minor nuisance of the pipe banging on the seatpost.

    Bike trailers usually don't have a lot of effect on stopping with the exception of steep downhills or bridges. The worst case is a folding bicycle with nothing but a rear coaster brake and a heavy rider with long legs. On a steep downhill slope the riders weight will be out in front of the handle bar stem and the rear wheel will have almost no weight at all such that touching the brake will tend to send the rear wheel into a sideways slide which ends in a crash. In that case a good bike trailer with a heavy load might actually help if it puts weight on the rear axle of the bicycle. Don't even ask how i know about this! It is probably the only time I ever hit 60 mph on a bicycle. It was not fun.

    Works like a champ! Only cost me 2 bucks for the eyehole bolt! Thank you!!!

    13, 12:21 PM.jpg

    I'm a fan of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, and this appeals. Looking to build a trailer for my bike, for carrying camping equipment to a music festival roughly 45km away (25 miles?) through mostly flat (Netherlands) terrain. I like this :)

    i might try this but with a peasce of wood instead of a pipe and strong pipeing

    Cool, simple idea. I cut a piece of the hose and put it on the end of the pipe to keep it from eating up the seat post when braking. Nice job.

    damn dude thats just genuis

    Like the use of the air hose.

    Sweet instructable, are there any problems with stopping though?


    For a moment I didn't realize it was you and thought somebody was badmouthing your air-hose trailer hitch. :P Very nice, on all three Instructables.