Easy Bird Feeder Hangers





Introduction: Easy Bird Feeder Hangers

Use flag-holder brackets, paint bucket hooks, and conduit/tubing to make it easy to hang your bird feeders where they're visible but still safe from the neighborhood cats.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

You'll need:
- A flag-holder bracket with screws, usually less than $5 at the hardware store
- A paint bucket hook, check the paint section of the hardware store. These are made to hold a paint bucket on a ladder
- A piece of electrial conduit tubing, 4 feet or less (don't try to go more, you'll probably end up levering out the bracket if you do) - if you're intimidated by trying to cut a regular 8' piece, you can often find pre-cut 4' pieces at the hardware store.
- Drill
- Sharpie or pencil to mark holes
- Bird feeder
- Oh yes, a screwdriver

Step 2: Mark Holes for the Bracket

Hold the bracket against the surface where you'll install it, and mark the holes.

Step 3: Drill Holes for the Bracket

Step 4: Attach Bracket

Tighten the screws down. Once they're started, you might be able to use the drill to make things a little easier.

Step 5: Attach Paint Bucket Hook to Bird Feeder

Clip the paint bucket holder to the bird feeder.

Step 6: Insert the Hook Into the Conduit

Put the hook into the end of the conduit tubing.

Step 7: Insert the Other End of the Conduit Into the Bracket

Slip the other end of the conduit into the flag bracket. When you need to refill the bird feeder, just lift it out again.

Step 8: Bird Feeders in Place

Here are the bird feeders hanging off our deck. We can easily see them from the window, but cats and other four-legged predators can't get to them. It also helps prevent rodents from getting to the feeders, although I do have to keep the tree on the left trimmed back. If you have lawn that you care about underneath, use shelled sunflower seeds....sunflower seed hulls will damage your lawn.



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    We gave up putting out a flag years ago because it kept falling out of the flag bracket. That's not a good thing! Can anyone think of a way to secure this conduit in the flag bracket so it will *stay* there? I don't trust flag brackets. Otherwise the idea looks terrific and I think I could use it.

    1 reply

    If you want to go with this method use PVC instead.Then you can drill hole for hook

    The search for a squirrel-proof bird feeder design is kinda like the search for a perpetual motion machine. Some fools still think it's possible...muahahaha. American gray squirrels are evil with a tail.

    2 replies

    well it is possible .....in AUSTRALIA!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    I saw a great idea on vacation in Michigan. These folks suspended their bird-feeder on a rope/wire/cable between two tall trees. The catch was 2L soda bottles on the rope off to either side of the feeder. Probably not insurmountable for a craftier/braver squirrel, but it's definitely a jump I wouldn't make! I applied the same technique outside my house in AK with a feeder hanging straight down from a branch. Now if I can just stop the messy birds from throwing seed to the ground!

    i want to know how to make a good cheap easy-to-make bird feder ......got any ideas?

    2 replies

    thanx for them! they're really good!

    I just signed up & logged on and saw this. I must say, what a fantastic idea! That's on my top 10 to do list for the next couple of days if it will ever stop RAINING!!! Kudos to Terri!! Dani in TX

    Great idea for all these left over flag holder...the holder tend to out live the life of the flags, so I wind up with oodles of flag holder that otherwise go into the scrap heap. Now if you could just come up with a squirrel proof bird feeder ....

    This is pure genius. Birds need protection from predators...especially cats. By putting this feeder so far off the ground it makes it almost impossible for a cat to eat them. Also, feeders are often on branches which cats can climb and use as cover to attack. I have about 14 eastern blue birds my back yard and get visits from cedar wax wings, blue jays, cardinals, downy wood peckers, red-tailed hawks, juncos and others. Your feeder gives them food and protection from predators. Good work! I know an artist who recycles old barn materials and shovels for bird houses, which feed and protect them, but not as well as your feeder does.