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This a forge I made from things I had around the yard

Step 1:

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It is supported on a few 5 gal buckets

Step 2: Body/hull

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I made the body from a turkey pan, a big pan basically

Step 3:

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I cut a. Hole in the center of the pan for the air supply/bellows. I put a pipe flange and pipe in through the bottom of the pan. I use a hair dryer to supply more air to the fire

Step 4:

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I filled in the pan about half full with clay and left a bowl shape around the pipe

Step 5:

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I Cut a slot in the side for longer pieces of metal , add a grate on top of the hole to stop your fuel from falling in

Step 6:

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Smooth the clay and let it dry then light your first fire in the center to cure it completely

Step 7:

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I use hardwood lump charcoal to fuel my forge


Moodle2 (author)2016-06-13

this is more my speed than some of the other ideas for a forge

ProGamerGuy14 (author)2016-04-16

Will the spot for the air intake blow the ashes and cinders around?

cristoph (author)ProGamerGuy142016-04-23

Only if there is no fuel(wood, charcoal, coal, etc.) on it and you're obviously not going to be burning ash

cristoph (author)2015-04-11

Don't use plastic buckets it got to hot and they melted

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