Picture of Easy Blow Gun With Paper Darts
Easy blowgun with paper darts
Fast to make
Even faster to shoot

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
What do you need you ask?

1. Tons of paper

Lined paper is the best for sharpness
Blank paper is the best for wheight

2. Scisors (Cutting board is optional)

3. Tape (Optional, But recommended)
You will need tape for the firing tube

Step 2: Cut the paper

Picture of Cut the paper
This is easy, Just cut the sheet into 4 smaller sheets (about 2.75 by 8.5)
They dont have to be the same, and if you can make 5 per sheet, thats better, just dont make them too small or too big

Step 3: Rolling the paper

Picture of Rolling the paper
Blowgun 005.jpg
Blowgun 006.jpg
Blowgun 007.jpg
Blowgun 008.jpg
First, Take a sheet of paper

Roll it and try and form a cone

Make sure theres a tip at the end, and also make sure that when the last bit of paper is being rolled it is not parallel with the edge. If you do this you will know what I mean (if you dont understand that wording) because it is hard to get it taped when it is like this.

Tape the end
Lick the end and make the paper stick to itself

Cut of the excess "tail" at the end
Also if you have holepunched paper, and there are holes, make sure that the tip does NOT have any holes and no holes are showing. This is for Aerodynamics

Step 4: Making the tube

Picture of Making the tube
Blowgun 010.jpg
Blowgun 011.jpg
Blowgun 012.jpg
Blowgun 013.jpg
Blowgun 015.jpg
Easy, just roll a piece of paper lengthwize (the longer the tube, the more accurate)

make sure the arrows are thin enought to just fit the in the tube, if the tube is bigger, try making the tube thinner, if the arrows are bigger, put the arrow in the tube and mark where it gets stuck. cut where the arrow gets stuck PLUS a bit extra so there is less energy waisted by friction.

Tape the tube to it stays there

Step 5: Fix your dart to Aerodynamicicity (just making it air worthy), And your DONE!

Picture of Fix your dart to Aerodynamicicity (just making it air worthy), And your DONE!
Blowgun 017.jpg
Making sure that there are no holes (for holepunched paper) showing. Also if there is a tip of paper that is showing tape it down
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BrodyM8 months ago

i like cheese and that gun

angeloskii2 years ago
very cool man. thanks for the paper gun :).
Has this been done in inches?
Sup, if want to make ur darts last a bit longer then try this (u may hav already heard of this or been told butt) drop a nail down the come and push it out the end and then cover in electrical tape. I'm gonna make an instructable based of urs but a tiny bit complex If u don't mind pls
claudiocost8 years ago
i used a willy wonka pixe stick straw and i and fire it across the reveine behide my hose thats like 100+ feet. and i dipped the end in aero gloss it makes it harder
wat is aero gloss?
yapoyo da man3 years ago
used for model airplanes
barri_kid (author)  claudiocost8 years ago
o, you mean like thoes big plastic tubes? thats pritty long
jarmour43 years ago
absolutely amazing, love it, and it's so powerful and easy to make, nice man
I really, really, really enjoyed this Instructable. At first it took me a while to understand how to make the dart, but I am 13. What can I say? Lol. Otherwise the instructions are clear and the photos are, too! Definitely a favorite!
I'm 13 to and it took me about a mili second to understand the dart instructions. But I have an IQ of 139
Cool I'm 13 too
Just for the record, it took you way longer than a millisecond. ;] And you're almost at genius IQ. :P I've an IQ of 112.
Fun instructable to do in free time (IQ of 150)
I know it took me longer then a millisecond but it still didn't take me that long.
yes sir Mr. Steven Hawking! lol
arz bowmaster6 years ago
how could you not understand that it was simple
barri_kid (author)  Aburame Shino7 years ago
:D. Thanks
dannyking14 years ago
i made my own blowgun from a piece of paper and it still works amazing!!!!!
Capt. Kidd5 years ago
I made one with lined paper, and superglued the tip instead of tape. This is what it did.
It looks like you filled the darts with something. Did you?
Hot glue.
nathan7335 years ago
five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
josefu05 years ago
i just brought a pvc pipe for 75 cents
glugnar5 years ago
U can use scrap paper for the darts and the tube, because it will cost nothing and save the world
what arew you going green?!
gangang5 years ago
gangang5 years ago
samlehman6 years ago
this is the best blow dart gun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
ubloke6 years ago
i just love it!!!!!!!
Raimee6 years ago
I Love It So Much
why must we we all make fun of the other places were we get stuff so cheep? because we can.
vampirewolf6 years ago
I like to use sewing pins. It penitraits 3/4in. in too woood
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