Easy Bold Portrait Editing





Introduction: Easy Bold Portrait Editing

How to convert a simple portrait into a bold work of art in only a few minutes.

Step 1: Select a Portrait

Step 2: Remove the Background

Step 3: Add a Blue and White Gradient

Step 4: Set the Image Mode to Lab Color

Step 5: Select Channels, Click Lightness

Step 6: Use the Dodge and Burn Tools

Use the Dodge tool to lighten the light spots on the face

Use the Burn tool to darken the dark spots on the face

Make sure the range is set to midtones

Step 7: Lightly Mark Over Every Shadow and Light Spot

Don't forget to include the clothing

Step 8: Go Back to Your Layers and Turn Down the Saturation

Step 9: Then You Have a Finished Portrait



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    Pretty nice, but only useful if you are experienced with Photoshop already.

    Sweet! I'm going to try this :) Thanks!

    Impressive photoshop skills!! Reminds me of Andres Serrano's America portrait series. Love it!

    What an amazing transformation of a simple snap/portrait! I am an old-school Photochop/CorelDraw user, might I ask what program you used for this project? Sorry, I see no information about this anywhere in the post.

    2 replies

    Photoshop. As you can see the blue PS in the upper left corner ;)

    It is Adobe Photoshop.

    Incredible results for such an easy process! Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for documenting the steps to do this!