Easy Bottle Boat




Introduction: Easy Bottle Boat

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This is a great toy for your young children that will supply hours of fun. Caution I am not liable if you hurt yourself.

Step 1: Find a Bottle

Look around and find an empty bottle with the top then use the knife to remove the label.

Step 2: Open It Up

Use the knife to cut an opening on a side of the bottle Use the knife to dull the edge of the plastic for safety Then Your done, give this to your child and they will be very happy.



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    Cool I renumber when my dad used to make thees when I was little. He made them for bath toys.

    LOL Yeah I added a sail, and painted mine black, This is a really good idea, when I was younger I would cut those coolaid bottles in half and then they'd be boats.

    you could add a sail and make it look cool