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There are plenty of instructions like this around online, but they're all unnecessarily complicated and many use difficult or imperfect methods to cut the bottle. These steps are the simplest and most effective way I've found. I can cut a wine bottle in 2 minutes tops.
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Step 1: Select Bottle/Remove Label

Picture of Select Bottle/Remove Label
Start out with a wine bottle. They seem to be the easiest. Beer bottles are thinner, and crack more easily.
To remove the label just run under or soak in hot water. I used a metal spatula to scrape it off and a scrub brush to remove to glue.

Step 2: Bottle Cutter

Picture of Bottle Cutter
or more appropriately, "score-er". I found this one online for around $15. There are many different kinds, but they all essentially do the same thing. Which is score the bottle all the way around, allowing you to use the method of your choice to turn the score into a perfect crack.
Make sure to apply steady pressure as you turn the bottle, and try not to slip. You want a straight line all the way around, and only one time around.

Step 3: From Score to Crack

This step in particular is the on in which the method is the best I've seen. It is faster, easier, and creates a much cleaner cut than most others I've seen.
Heat up some water in a kettle, but not to boiling. Pour it slowly over the crack, then pour cold tap water. Repeat until the two pieces of bottle separate. I put a washcloth in the sink so when the top falls, it doesn't break.

Step 4: Sand

Picture of Sand
Sand the top of the cut, and the edges, going from high to low grit.

That's it. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, just ask.

seekertat4 years ago
I would appreciate it if you would tell me what brand name is on the glass cutter or where online did you find it using what keyword? I've looked at a lot of them and none are $15 or lower.
you can get glass cutting wheels anywhere on the web or in most hardware stores. and when it comes to price you might just have to wait and shop around if you're looking for cheap
Thanks Bob. I actually found an easy DIY bottle cutter that I might get around to making myself. As it is, I have a lot of projects that need completing or working on for 2011.

Happy New Year!