Follow these instructions for a quick and easy bow tie. The finished product can then be attached to just about anything you can think of!

To get started you will need:
- Fabric, 1 yard will be way more than enough.
- *Fusible interfacing, again 1 yard is way more than enough.
- Color-coordinated thread
- Sewing machine
- Cutting tool, such as a circle cutter or scissors
- Pins
- Paper and pen to draw your pattern

*Interfacing is usually available at any store in which you can purchase fabric. It varies in type and thickness, the type used in this tutorial is a fusible (it can be ironed on) type and relatively thin. The interfacing is used to provide extra support and keeps the bow from being floppy or saggy.

Step 1: Make your pattern.

1. Grab your paper and pend to sketch out a quick pattern. You will want to make them with approximately the same dimensions as in the picture (the large piece is 5 x 3.5 inches and the small piece is 3.5 x 1.5 inches) in order to get the same bow shape. After making your first bow you can modify the pattern to make variation in the size and shape of your bows!

2. Use your scissors to cut your pattern pieces out.
<p>Followed directions with some scrap fabric and the bow has nice shape. I did 2 other things. I put a few stitches in the bow to keep it scrunched and I zig zagged the ends of the center piece to keep the ends from fraying. Thanks this was just the instruction I was looking for to confirm my design ideas for doggy bow ties.</p>
<p>this is really nice</p>
I'm working on FNAF SpringTrap suit and this really helps! Thanks for making this!
Could you leave out the interfacing if you wanted a floppy bow?
<p>Thanks. a really great instructable. I used i to make a giant hair-bow for a little mermaid costume.</p>
Awh, your dog is gorgeous ^.^ Love the bow tie, I'm making one for an Alice in Wonderland themed party!
That is so adorable! And you chose cute fabric. I have a question though, what is interfacing? What does it do to the end product?
Interfacing is a white material, you can find it in any craft or fabric store. It provides an extra layer and some structure to the finished product. There are different thicknesses, there's fusible (you can iron it on) and non-fusible sorts. <br><br>In the bow tie case it keeps the bow from being at all floppy. :) The one I used in the tutorial is pretty thin, but provides just enough extra support. <br>

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