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Introduction: Easy Bracelet (Last-Minute Fathers' Day Gift)

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What can you give your dad when you can't get to the shops without him, but you can get in his shed?

Two bits of paracord, a lump of technoscrap, and some Scouting know-how, and you have a gift fit for any cool dad.

Step 1: What You Need.

It's really easy - two pieces of narrow paracord, left over from something else, and something small with a hole in it.

I used a ceramic thing that came out of a computer, but you could use anything that's the right size and has a hole in it.  Maybe cut a piece of wood and drill it.

Step 2: How to Make It (short Version, for If You Know Your Knots).

Cut two pieces of paracord, each one long enough to go around his wrist and a bit more.

Fold them in half, and tie them to the thing you're using with a lark's head hitch.

Fasten the double ends together with a Fisherman's knot.

You're done!

Step 3: Lark's Head Hitch

Just in case you didn't know, this is how you tie a Lark's Head Hitch:

Put the looped end of the cord through the hole in the whatever-you're-using.

Put the loose ends through the loop, and pull it tight.

Step 4: Fisherman's Knot

There are two kinds of Fisherman's knot.  This is the simple version:

Tie the first cord's end (except, for the bracelet, it's two ends together) into a simple over-hand knot around the second cord.

Tie the second cord's end in an over-hand knot around the first cord.

Put the bracelet around your dad's wrist, and slide the two over-hand knots apart to make the bracelet tight enough to stay on his wrist.

If you don't like the simple version, you could try the Double Fisherman's Knot, but it might be fiddly tying doubled pieces of cord together.

Step 5: Give the Gift.

Wait until he's awake, and then give your dad the bracelet.

Bask in praise.




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    as an added bonus your dad is now from electrical interference

    Great project, very clear instructable!

    Keep up the good work!

    1 reply

    Nice job Conker X. I like how it turned out! (I'm sure your dad did too). ;-)

    1 reply

    Thank you.

    He says he did.

    could i also make this a necklace for myself? i love how the tied part looks when its done but how well will it stay tied together? would i have to keep tightening it?

    4 replies

    Conker-X is offline right now.

    Yes, it could easily make a necklace. If you pull the overhand knots tight, they stay very well, especilly if you use a natural-fibre cord.

    I like the design and I hate to be a Health and Safety freak, but for a necklace I'd make sure it can break away somehow just in case it snarls up on something, maybe using a proper catch rather than knots.

    Sheesh, paranoid much?

    You would be too if you knew who was watching you! ;o)

    Thanks, Conker!