What can you give your dad when you can't get to the shops without him, but you can get in his shed?

Two bits of paracord, a lump of technoscrap, and some Scouting know-how, and you have a gift fit for any cool dad.

Step 1: What You Need.

It's really easy - two pieces of narrow paracord, left over from something else, and something small with a hole in it.

I used a ceramic thing that came out of a computer, but you could use anything that's the right size and has a hole in it.  Maybe cut a piece of wood and drill it.
as an added bonus your dad is now from electrical interference
i cant tie a fisherman knot T^T
See <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Bracelet-Last-Minute-Fathers-Day-Gift/step4/Fishermans-Knot/" rel="nofollow">step 4</a>.
Great project, very clear instructable! <br> <br>Keep up the good work!
Thank you.
Nice job Conker X. I like how it turned out! (I'm sure your dad did too). ;-)
Thank you. <br> <br>He says he did.
could i also make this a necklace for myself? i love how the tied part looks when its done but how well will it stay tied together? would i have to keep tightening it?
Conker-X is offline right now. <br> <br>Yes, it could easily make a necklace. If you pull the overhand knots tight, they stay very well, especilly if you use a natural-fibre cord.
I like the design and I hate to be a Health and Safety freak, but for a necklace I'd make sure it can break away somehow just in case it snarls up on something, maybe using a proper catch rather than knots.
Sheesh, paranoid much? <br> <br>
You would be too if you knew who was watching you! ;o)
I love it!
Nice job Conker.
thanks :)
Thanks, Conker!

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