Easy Bracelet





Introduction: Easy Bracelet

Make a beautiful and sweet bracelet.
Follow these knotty steps: :))

Step 1: Requiremets

Plastic strands

Step 2: Dividing

Take two threads and divide it into two halves as shown.

Step 3: Tying a Knot

Tie a knot at the end as shown.

Step 4: Starting With It

Take a one finger space from the first knot and start tying a reef knot there as shown.

Step 5: Repeat the Knot

Now tie another knot over the reef knot. double locking it.

Step 6: Repeating the Steps

Now your first knot is ready,
repeat the steps to get around 10 knots.

Step 7: Retying

Now on the tenth knot, keep double and triple knotting at it, to get a ball like structure.
Cut the remaining part off.
Now put this bob like structure into the first loop.

Step 8: Locking

To lock the bracelet, put the bob in the first loop and again turn it and put it in its own loop forming a lock.

Step 9: Flaunt

Now girls its time to flaunt ur bracelet.
Paint your nails with the matching color and enjoy!!



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