Anyone can do this. Changing the front set of brake pads on my car took less than two hours and cost just about 30$
We've all heard the telltale sound of metal screeching and grinding on metal when coming to a stop, and dreading the cost of having a mechanic or the dreaded dealer hand you an astronomical bill for doing something so simple, my sister could do it without breaking a nail.

Step 1: Gathering Tools And Materials.

Aside from buying new brake pads(25.99 for a front set at autozone) your going to want to have the following on hand.
Socket and wrench set, tire iron, flathead screwdriver, 12v or stronger impact driver, and a 1x2 board about 24 inches long(we will get into that later.
The cap was removed from the reservoir, not the master cylinder. (Newer car) Removing the cap negates the need to bleed the brakes. The only thing that would introduce air to the lines, is changing the caliper, or the lines themselves. However, if the need arises, I can post an instructable on how to properly bleed brakes in an old car.
Don't forget to bleed the brakes, especially if you took the cap off the master cylinder reservoir. Also, manually prying the calipers open often leads to air being introduced to the system.
The impact wrench was used to speed up raising and lowering the jack, and removing the lugs after they were loosened. I also used it to help remove the caliper mounting bolts. Just a time saver. Everything was torqued to manufacturers specs upon completion.
The impact wrench isn’t a must-have automotive tool, but it’s definitely a really-would-like-to-have. More than once during our testing, the 18-volt battery vibrated loose enough to prevent the wrench from working.
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