Hey there! Ever get that hankering for something kind of spiffed up for breakfast on a Saturday morning, but don't necessarily want to spend all morning making it? Do you have some left over rolls of biscuit dough and baking supplies you want to use up? [insert cheesy salesman voice] Then do I have a recipe for you!

Step 1: You Will Need:

This calls for very few ingredients, and you likely have most of them already!

1 10 count roll of Pillsbury Country Style Biscuits (I am sure other brands or styles would work, but the times/temps given may need tweaking)
Room temperature butter (for ease of use, cold is fine too)
Brown sugar
Small bowl for combining the sugar and cinnamon
A baking sheet of some kind (I used a pizza tray)
Spoon for mixing and portioning, knife for the butter
An oven preheated to 425F if using a dark or nonstick pan, 450F otherwise.

I did not measure out specific quantities of sugar and cinnamon ... I used a small ramekin, filled it most of the way with brown sugar and a generous covering of cinnamon and then stirred it to combine.
Those sound really good!
Thank you! I was pleased with them. Very vaguely cinnamon brown sugar poptart taste on the filling but in a less crunchy/cloyingly sweet way :)

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