Picture of Easy Brushed Metal in Photoshop.
In this instructable you will learn how to make brushed metal in photoshop. It may also work in The Gimp to but I'm not sure.
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Step 1: Create a new document

Picture of Create a new document
I did a 640 x 480 transparent one. But it doesn't matter.

Step 2: Gradient!

Picture of Gradient!
Ok new make a Gradient in the document. Use gray. I did semi similar grays so that the difference between the two wouldn't be that much but the gradient adds to the effect.

Step 3: Add noise.

Picture of Add noise.
Go to filter > noise > add noise. Don't set it too high. Oh yeah MAKE SURE that you select Monochromatic or it will be messed up.

Step 4: Motion Blur.

Picture of Motion Blur.
Ok now go to filter > blur > motion blur. Mess around with the distance to get it how you want. I picked 35.

Step 5: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
Ok now enjoy your brushed metal. If you make Mac software this could come in handy I think.