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I get asked every so often about projects that don't require many tools to make but yet the projects are not crap (bluntly put). I came up with this simple end table. If you can get your home center to cut boards to length for you, the only other things you will need is a pocket hole jig and drill. Make your life even easier yet and get a cheap bar clamp.

Step 1: Cutting Material to Size

If your home center cuts boards to length have them do it. That will help you from having to that part. If they don't, an inexpensive hand saw should only set you back around $15. All you will need is a 2"x2"x8' piece, a 1"x10"x4' board and two 1"x4"x4' boards (or one 8' long). Most lumber yards in the US you can get these right off the shelf.

Change exact measurements to make your table the exact size you want:

Legs - 23" L

Top - 2@18" L

Apron - 4@12" L

Step 2: Make the Pocket Holes

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Set your jig up based on which particular jig you have to make holes for 3/4" material. Drill a couple pocket holes in one edge of each of the top pieces and 2 on each end of all 4 of the apron pieces.

Step 3: Screw Parts Together

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Screw the two top pieces together using a couple screws. Make sure and line up the edges as best as you can. If it doesn't line up perfect, use some sandpaper or a card scraper to smooth the seam nice and flat. Attach 2 legs to each end of an apron piece. Make two of these assemblies. Then you can use the remaining apron pieces to screw the two assemblies together. Attach the top to the base using a few screws from underneath.

Step 4: Sand & Finish

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Use some sandpaper to remove any sharp areas and generally smooth everything out. Then apply your finish of choice. I went with white paint for the base and dark walnut danish oil for the top. And that's it, you're done!

I hope you guys liked this project and if you have any comments/questions make sure and leave those below. Thanks for checking it out!


besham (author)2015-08-14

super great idea...have to try it

nick ferry (author)besham2015-08-14

thanks much!

james Stewart (author)nick ferry2016-12-25

Thanks so much for share with us it is so helpful and I enjoy woodworking .

youssef2744 (author)2015-08-21

verry good idea

kooth (author)2015-08-14

Awesome, as usual! Thanks so much for sharing your very useful Instructables!

nick ferry (author)kooth2015-08-14

Cool - thanks for checking it out!

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