Step 6: Further Developments

When I get around to adding the whisker biscuit, I will update this instructable with the how to.

So, stay tuned, and thanks for reading!
It's unbelievable that anyone would use wire to hold bands on. First of all, it WILL eventually cut the bands and they will break. Secondly, when they do break, there's a good chance that wire will come back and strike you in the face and/or eyes. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of slingshots knows that you never ever use wire. Rubber bands work perfectly and work better than anything else. A constrictor knot doesn't even apply to slingshots even though it's the easiest knot in the world to tie with numerous pictures of it available. "Over the top" is the method used to tie bands or tubing. Even commercially made slingshots that use tubing don't use a constrictor knot. They simply cut a small hole in the tubing and run the other end back through that hole for a clean look.
<p>&quot;A constrictor knot doesn't even apply to slingshots&quot;</p><p>except that Joerg Sprave, who has built around 4 gazillion slingshots recommends using constrictor knots.</p><p>&quot;Over the top&quot; is the method used to tie bands or tubing&quot;<br>Well, yes, sometimes, other wise tubing is looped through an eye, like Dankung slings, or bands shooting TTF (through the fork)<br></p>
No, as the cost could be different in different places, and could increase over time.
<p>the 3/8 X 4 Eyebolts, a Home Depot item?</p>
<p>Great idea but I'm thinking that the handle needs to be longer so that there is more distance between your hand and the ends of those bolts hanging out under the T-plate. Either that or you might want to trim off the ends with a bolt cutter and put some rubber caps or plastic-dip the ends of them. For people like myself with bigger hands and a serious grip, it could cause problems with getting scuffed or cut up.</p>
<p>Why does it have to be a T shaped plate? Couldn't it just be a strait shaped plate?</p>
As stated in the instructions, I used a T plate to accommodate a whisker biscuit if I decided to do that down the road. I didn't end up doing that. A straight player would work fine.
I have a heat cured/cooked muscadine vine for the handle that is virtually indestructible to build for grandkids. I wouldn't change anything else. Great job!
<p>Nice! Do you have a list of the cost on parts?</p>
What size of t-plates did you use?
They were standard decking t plates. roughly 5x5 if I remember correctly.
Sweet thank you
<p>Did you consider using cable ties?</p>
<p>I didn't at the time, but they would probably work well.</p>
Nice! Do you have a list of the cost on parts?
I didn't put a price list on as I was writing this because prices both change over time and differ depending on where you are in the world.
<p>Thats wonderful...</p>
<p>I see how the author replied, which is reasonable given his hobby of arrowshooting..</p>
I see how the author replied, which is reasonable given his hobby of arrowshooting..

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