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Introduction: Easy Build - Nice Finish Book Shelf

I built this bookshelf in my spare time, and it didn't cost much, or take a long time. The wood working was quite simple (I just followed the plans.) I made it out of oak, and finished it with golden oak stain. I picked out some tiles by Totem ($20-$30) and placed them on the top, flush with the trim. I chose a design that I liked, but you can have any arrangement of tiles you want. Once the tiles were glued in, I grouted between them, and once the grout was dried, I wiped it down and I was finished. It was fairly simple to make, quite cheap cost wise, didn't take much time, and looks nice.



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    Looks great. More details of plans and process would be helpful.

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    Thanks! Please vote! I made the book case a while back, so I don't have the plans on hand. I'll try find them and add them. If I remember, you could adjust the plan for different finishes, like tile, laminate, wood, etc.