Picture of Addicting Garlic Butter Snack Mix
My mother invented this recipe sometime back in the late 70's; she used to bake the mixture in the oven and it took forever.  The smell would have us kids all drooling and waiting around for when we could finally dive into it.  It has been adapted for the microwave, and now only takes minutes to make.  If you are a serious garlic lover, this one's for you!  Warning: This stuff is seriously addicting!!!
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Step 1: Tools & Ingredients Needed

Picture of Tools & Ingredients Needed
1.  The biggest mixing bowl you can get your hands on.  Here I am using a 4 qt.  Make sure your bowl is microwaveable!       

2.  A big mixing spoon, slotted if you have one.

3.  Microwave oven.

4.  9 paper towels, torn into 3 strips of 3 towels each.   

5.  A stick and a half of butter or margarine.  I like to use a whole stick of butter, and half of margarine, but this is really your choice.  My mother always used all margarine, but I am a die-hard butter lover.  

6.  A heaping teaspoon of salt.

7.  3 heaping teaspoons of garlic powder.

8.  About 3 cups of thin pretzel sticks

9.  About 2 1/2 cups of Corn Chex cereal.  I always use the generic brand, much cheaper!  You could also substitute with rice or wheat chex.

10.  About 3 cups of your favorite cheese cracker.  I prefer the reduced fat Cheezit brand, but again, use what you like!

11.  About 2 1/2 cups of plain Cheerios cereal.  Generic is fine here, too.

NOTE:  The measurements for the dry ingredients are approximate.  Everyone seems to have their one favorite ingredient, for me it is the pretzel sticks and cheese crackers, so I use a little more of them than the other 2 cereals.  Just make sure that each ingredient takes up no more than about 1/4 to 1/3 of your bowl space!


Step 2: Prepare Butter, Salt, and Garlic Powder mixture

Picture of Prepare Butter, Salt, and Garlic Powder mixture
1.  Place the butter into bowl, heat in microwave until completely melted.

2.  Add salt to melted butter, stir well.

3.  Add garlic powder to butter/salt mix, stir well.
Oh, yeah...I want this!