This door is very fun and very easy to make. A hidden door just pops out of the wall.

Step 1: Wall

Make a 3 tall, 4 long, and 1 wide wall. Then, one block away from that, make a 3 tall tower and connect

the top block to the wall. (By the way, the ingredients you'll need is stone, sticky pistons, a fence gate,

redstone, and a redstone repeater)

Step 2: Pistons

Go behind the wall. There, you put a 2 tall tower on the thick part. Next, put a 2 tall tower of sticky pistons

facing the wall next to the tower you just placed. Finally, put four sticky pistons (2x2) facing the 2 tall tower

and the first pistons you placed.

Step 3: Places That Redstone Will Go On

Place 2 blocks out from above the hole in the wall. Then, place 3 other blocks to the left of it,

place 2 blocks coming out at you from under the last block and mine that last block.

Step 4: Redstone and Fence

First, place 2 blocks up on top of your wall, all the way across the top. Then, on that ledge above the door, place redstone on top of both blocks. On the blocks leading out from that redstone dust, on the first block place a full tick repeater. On the second block, place redstone. Also put redstone along the other two blocks. Put a gate under the last one. Also, place a le above the blocks that are above the door and another underneath it, just on the other side. Hope it's fun.

Can someone help me figure out why this isn't working for us?
<p>the bottom pistons dont extend</p>
Did you figure out the problem? I'm having the same issues.
<p>I built it and it worked without the gate</p>
<p>I was able to make on much more simpler than this!</p>
I failed
What is a le???
He meant lever
<p>It worked well, had a bit of trouble hiding the machinery from inside, but it was overall quite simple.</p>
<p>Real Good to Make. If You Want It To Look Like A Wall of Stone Cover The Pist</p>
<p>I saw this on the Redstone Handbook from Minecraft and it is awesome to use if you do not want anybody else trying to get to your stuff</p>
It looks cool and it's like a jeb door but one side, I think it's called<br> a corner jeb door
<p>Is it fun?</p>

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