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These eggs take deviled eggs to the next level of flavor! I made these, 10 minutes later rachael ray said she will make some on her show, I immediatly posted these....we will see what our differences are.

Very simple.

Youll need- Eggs -hard boiled
Egg yolk
Dill pickle
Caesar dressing
Lettuce for presentation!

Boil the eggs, cool them in an ice bath and crack them open, seperate the yolk and mix your ingrediants, depending on how many eggs your making is how much yolk youll use. For 2 eggs I use 1 yolk...much healthier eh...

Mix everything  together...


Step 1:

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Crush crutons, these will mix inside and go ontop as a garnish for a crunch!

Cut up pickles or use relish.

Cut eggs and take out yolk.

Step 2:

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Spoon mixture in, place on bed of lettuce for presentation (Ignore the date of my camera, its messed up)

Add capers, capers give a great flavor to caesar salad so why not to my eggs...

Thanks for trying and viewing my instructable.


canida (author)2014-09-16

Looks delicious!

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