Introduction: Easy Calculator Hack

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This is a really simple but very effective prank.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need:


A small philips head screw driver

And, a cheap calculator with ruber buttons

Step 2: Opening the Calculator

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Get your screwdriver and start opening the calculator.

Step 3: The Buttons

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Take out the curcuit board so you can get to the buttons. Next get your scissors and cut out the clear and equals button, and switch their places. Make sure to get the buttons right side up.

Step 4: Finishing

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Put the calculator back together with the two buttons switched. When some one does a problem on it, the answer will always be zero, provided they press 'equals'.

Step 5: Next Step

 I only have a cheap small calculator, if you want to get more involved, you can get a more expensive calculator and mix around more key. this Instructable is only an idea you can add as many things as you like, you can change the three key to a B key by drawing one line, go crazy!
Thank you, yeturbumi for the idea


dungeon runner (author)2009-12-19

Nice, but why stop there?

Switch around the operation buttons so that people will always get a wrong answer

Switch the COS and TAN buttons (I have no idea what they do but it seems like it would be funny)

Switch the RCL and CE buttons so that people will lose their variables

Just a few ideas...

tranoxx (author)dungeon runner2009-12-19

 Thanks for the idea, I will add that to the Instructable.

rocksalt2342 (author)tranoxx2010-05-01

or switch all of the numbers around.

modaawesome (author)rocksalt23422011-12-11


tranoxx (author)rocksalt23422010-07-16

Thats a good idea but i think people would notice if the numbers were out of order.


dombeef (author)dungeon runner2011-06-08

Cos and Tan are Cosine and Tangent, they are used in finding a length in a triangle

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