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Introduction: Easy Cappuccino

Is it a caffe latte? Is it a cappuccino? No, it’s a fakeaccino – easy, cheap and delicious!

Do you love cappuccino or frothy caffe latte, but have no fancy, expensive, bulky espresso machine?

Now you can enjoy a mug of this style of coffee at home, easily and cheaply, using just a coffee plunger (Cafetiere or French Press)* and a microwave. (Coffee purists, don’t protest- you can go the whole hog with your $500 machine if you like!)

I have one plunger at home and another at work, so I can have my fakeaccino whenever I like!

*My mum actually invented this method for frothing the milk- it's the best I've found and works for hot chocolate as well as coffee.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

Large cup or mug (I use a mug which widens at the top, this seems to work better). If you want to use a smaller cup, just adapt the quantities.

Small plunger-style coffee jug (the kind that has a glass jug that lifts out of its holder, and a fine mesh plunger). I got mine for $4.

Microwave oven

Strong coffee :

~ brewed if you prefer- (you can use your plunger, then put the coffee in a pot or cup to re-heat and wash out the plunger thoroughly). The notes in italics in these instructions refer to the brewed coffee option.

or - gasp-

~ instant coffee (I actually prefer instant, to my mother and my son’s horror)

Milk (light or full fat as you prefer; not super fresh is better for frothing, apparently)

• Sugar/sweetener if you want

• Powdered chocolate/cinnamon etc to sprinkle on top if you like

Step 2: Pre-heat Your Mug or Coffee

Boil your kettle.
If you are using instant coffee, pour boiling water into your mug and leave to stand for a minute.

If you are using pre-brewed (extra strong) coffee, pour it into your mug to about 1/3 full, then heat it in your microwave oven (you will need to judge when it is very hot, but not boiling as this is not good for your coffee).

Step 3: Heat Your Milk

Put about  3/4 "cup"  or 170ml of milk into your glass plunger jug. It should be about 2/5 full ideally.

As soon as the microwave oven is free or while your mug is pre-heating, put the glass jug of milk (just the jug, not the holder -no metal) into your microwave and zap on high until hot but not boiling (mine takes 70-80 seconds).

Note- check how long your microwave oven takes- make sure it's good and hot, but if it starts to boil, you'll end up with a skin on your milk. Be very careful with the glass jug - I've dropped a few!

Step 4: Get Your Coffee Ready

While your milk is heating,

Make instant coffee in your mug:

• Tip the “pre-heating” water out of your mug
• Add coffee powder/granules – more than usual (I use a heaped large teaspoon). I add my sweetener/sugar at this stage.
• Pour in enough boiling water to fill the mug 1/3. Stir to dissolve coffee powder etc.
-or if you are using pre-brewed coffee, you may want to put a cover (e.g. a saucer) on top to keep it hot.

Step 5: Froth Your Milk

Remove your plunger jug from the microwave and replace the plunger in the jug. Agitate it vigorously 10-20 times to froth up your milk.  

Step 6: Add Frothed Milk to Coffee

Pour your hot frothy milk carefully into your mug so it sits on top of your coffee (cappuccino style) or so it blends in (caffe latte style).

Add a little more boiling water
to top it up.

Step 7: Serve and Enjoy

Add sprinkles to the top if you wish, serve and enjoy while it’s hot!

(Note - give your plunger & jug a quick rinse/leave to soak before you serve your coffee, so they’ll be easy to wash later).

Step 8: Notes

Notes on cleaning-

Cleaning your plunger is important (but still easier than cleaning a whole expresso machine):

Make sure the jug and plunger are clean before you use them for the milk- no coffee grounds or milk deposits.

You may need to clean the mesh of the plunger with a brush or cloth if your milk was too hot and formed a skin. Use warm water and mild detergent, and rinse well.



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    Alternative method

    If you want to use your cafetière for coffee or perhaps use a coffee bag - make your fresh coffee - 3/4 mug. Meantime heat the milk in a mug in the microwave - when it's boiled pour into a 1-2 lt clean milk (or lemonade bottle) put top on tightly - shake really well - be careful as it can burn your hand if you're not careful whilst shaking... It's VERY HOT! It will have lots of froth when you pour onto your coffee - sprinkle with chocolate if desired - it's as good as Starbucks! Adjust for latte!

    Wow I like this shake shake idea -- even easier and no need for a press. I'll have to look for a glass bottle for this. Like anything else it must not be capped when microwaving. Must also be careful when opening the cap after shaking.

    People should also be careful when heating liquids in a microwave. I know water can store pent up energy and explode unexpectedly. I've seen it happen to someone and it caused serious burns. Best to put an object like a chopstick in the liquid while it microwaves to dissipate the energy.

    Interesting idea, thanks for sharing - though you'd have to be very careful when shaking and taking the lid off the bottle ;)

    I use extra creamy cool whip....lol....love it

    I love your idea and easy instructions! Will definitely try this one at home. Coffee making is what I also do love most. I don't use expensive machines when it comes to making coffee drinks. In order for me to create a quick foamy milk, I always use this handled battery operated milk frother which I have found at amazon http://amztk.com/milkfrother. Easy to use and won't occupy too much space.

    Hi AlannaA, thanks for your comments.
    I have tried a battery-operated frother but it was a cheapie and didn't work too well (and then it broke).
    I also had a hand-pumped one but I find the coffee press gives more pressure and better froth (even when I use it in a tall china mug after breaking the glass jug!).
    Hope you have fun making your coffee :)

    I tried, didnt come out good

    Sorry it didn't work well for you. It can take a bit of practice, and sometimes I find the milk doesn't froth as well as other times. I think the milk can vary depending on the cows and their diet! Some people say light milk works better than full cream milk, but I now prefer full cream - and then some milk companies add extra stuff ('permeates' to the milk, too...

    I don't know when can I pour water and what is pre-heating please reply my

    ** I am sorry i can't speak english well